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Azizi & Ayu

Isnin, 24 Mei 2010

' Shrek '

Shrek returns again! Many of the fans would be thrilled to catch this as "Shrek Forever After" is said to be the closure for this popular franchise. As the story goes, Shrek (Mike Myers) is now a happily married ogre with three children. Alas, he longs for the old life right before he met Fiona (Cameron Diaz), where the villagers are terrified of him. He then makes a swift deal with Rumplestiltskin (Walt Dohrn) to return to the past for a day, without knowing that Rumplestiltskin has something hiding in his sleeves.

The previous "Shrek" films were no doubt entertaining to audiences, but in "Shrek Forever After", it fails to entertain this writer. The plot was very shallow and sadly, it dragged on for too long as there wasn't any substance to amuse viewers. Moreover, the jokes in the film occasionally failed to live up to its comedic expectations.

The casts need no further introduction naturally as Fiona, Donkey (Eddie Murphy) and Puss (Antonio Banderas) are undeniably entertaining, but the writer somehow feels that Shrek is always the same old character in all three movies. The highlight would be the new character Rumplestiltskin, voiced by Walt Dohrn, who is more known for his creative work in "Spongebob Squarepants" and "Dexter's Laboratory".

This reviewer recommends that audiences watch it in digital 3D as if it's said to be the very last "Shrek" film, then it'll be worth every penny!

p/s : **** Silalah saksikan cerita ini..sonok sangat..menghiburkan hati..lagi2 time kucing n kledai tuh..mcm gampang je wat lawak..hahahahah..i like... : ), aku nengok movie ne semalam berhampiran The Cuves, damansara..aku pilih tempat tu sebab tak ramai orang dan tak ada sapa yang kenal aku walaupun aku berpakaian menjolok-jolok mata..hahahhaah....Saksikan Dipawagam Yang Berhampiran....

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